How Direct Deposit Works!

Direct Deposit

A major function we provide small businesses with is direct deposit. Included as a part of our payroll services, direct deposit has become an essential tool companies use to get their employees their paychecks fast, paperless and accurately.

At Business Cents, signing up for direct deposit us means zero setup or processing fees along with accurate, on-time deposits. If your company isn’t enrolled in direct deposit yet, here are a few reasons you should make the change today.

Employees Love It — Waiting in line on Friday afternoon to receive a paycheck is a thing of the past. In the old days, the hassle of getting off work, driving through rush hour traffic to a bank, and waiting in line was a time consuming and stressful process. With direct deposit, your employees’ troubles are put at ease. Direct deposit grants them immediate access to their hard-earned cash. They work hard enough for their money, so why should they have to work hard to deposit it in their account. Your employees are also saved from check cashing fees. Plus if absent from work due to illness or vacation, the stress of having to go to the office to get paid is eliminated. So to is the fear of a physical piece of paper being lost or stolen. Direct deposit takes all of those reasons out of the equation, as their money simply appears.

Saves You Time and Money — Think about the hours spent writing checks and stuffing them in envelopes. Remember the paper cuts, the frivolous trips to the post office for stamps and the piles and piles of paper. You’ve spent countless hours and dollars distributing checks, when all along you could have outsourced the task to a professional who can painlessly complete the task for you. With direct deposit you can also save money chasing down a paper trail when checks are lost or stolen, need reissued or are disputed. All the evidence is right there.

Environmentally Friendly — Conserving your company’s energy output use is a great way to go green. Millions of dollars are spent each year unnecessarily printing checks when they can simply be processed and distributed through online banking. As we shift to a more digital world, ensuring your company is doing its part to reduce its carbon footprint is of the utmost importance. And one simple way to start that initiative is by direct deposit.

rapid! PayCard Solutions

Is direct deposit not an option for some employees? We have a solution.

The rapid! PayCard solution expands electronic direct deposit participation and eliminates the need to distribute regular paycheck and wage statements to employees.

The rapid! PayCard Visa Payroll Card is a safe, secure and hassle-free way for employees to collect, manage and ultimately spend their hard-earned money. PayCards offer the convenience of a debit card and more security than carrying cash. rapid! PayCard requires no credit check and is accepted everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.

  • NO paycheck cashing fees – Save more than 50% versus check cashing fees
  • NO lost checks
  • NO overdraft fees
  • NO need to carry large sums of money
  • 24×7 access to pay
  • FREE multilingual customer service 7x24x365
  • FREE access to their pay
  • FREE access to monitor transactions online and text alerts*
  • FREE Savings Account Access
  • Cash Back Rewards

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